Thursday, October 16, 2014

To Lead by Mentoring Others

      This not about Leading Scores or Game Leader-boards; this about  taking the leadership (which also means) to be followed by others in going to a proper direction that a group should go.
      Many had felt like manipulating their members to make them follow; such as telling them untrue and false statements but these were part of what they call a strategic plan to dominate amongst others.

      Equality then sets in, as a topic to be discussed by all of us; everyone of us has the right to do what he or she likes to do, as long as it could never destroy anyone's life; and it is for the good of all.  

      The concept here is to be a friendly leader most of the time. Teaching them how to care for other members, and other people of the society and all human beings; even giving care to other creatures in this world.

      Yet you need to be stronger than most of your members; The courage you show in facing great barriers to the road of success as group; could make your members have inspiration to make you lead them more. Your will to move others by honest words and actions; will have a great impact in their view of what struggling is all about.

     There is a saying:  "A good leader, is also a good follower".
In other words, if you are appointed or voted by many as their leader,
you must also follow their ways when you are in doubtful situation;
it could help much, if you ask for help sometimes; 
you may be there in that position or rank to guide your members but
your members can also sense that you might be doubtful in making 
a heavier decision. The judgement is still in your hands 
but pure justice lies in the hands of God.

    A group is made to make all members cooperate for a specific goal  and many other several connected goals. Goals that will make our society more progressive and knowledgeable, more civilized  and generous. Success may be out of sight for it was not a tangible object, what you all did was to serve others for the sake and good of the society.

[written by: Keith A. Marollano]

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Resiliency: "Researcher of the Recondite Rationale"

 There were times that someone has to be a resilient man;

and always remind oneself that never you shall have to repudiate in having the plenitude of hope;

or else you will be gradually subsumed in the state of quandary.

 And hence, be an erudite researcher and learn from the vast compendium of history throughout the long stretch of time;

but never redact any recondite detail;

yet finding more reasons in the rationale mind of yours would be anybody's prior option.


( Written by: Keith Alvarez Marollano )

(June 2014)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Helping with Honesty brings Loyalty and Cooperation

     The best way to be in service or of help to others is to be honest and loyal. Helping one and all would mean helping each other as a form of a dual effect or mirror effect; he helps you as you help him. To help basically which exactly mean - to cooperate.

     When one is honest to the people he or she is dealing with, many of those would return to make more deals. Certain quests in our lives that we might be are not completely honest for some reasons that we keep those as burdens - with confidentiality and  a specific purpose. And with right reasons and good intentions, we continued to spend our lives to the best that we can be.

      Loyalty then begins to question us: "Do we  have the right to be treated as loyal as we are (loyal) to others?" Teaching others how to be loyal by showing them  as an example could be the right answer to the question raised in the latter. Resolutions to the question above depends upon your own judgement and what you know about doing what is right or your own wisdom and willingness to solve it in a moral way.

<Written by: Keith M.>

Thursday, November 28, 2013

In the Search for the Truth

      As known by all, there is no perfect detection machine to confirm if someone is telling the full truth. The authorities and the government may investigate and have lie-detectors on them or they may also have a fact-finding committee to unravel the truth. An investigation with a due process based on the justice system of a country. It takes several joint efforts of a crowd to prove what is true unless manipulated by a syndicate. 

      Suspicious situations of anyone's life can lead a neighborhood to having rumors that could come running around and getting more and more malicious. When it feels like it could be tricky enough to be handled by anyone, they get rushed to judge every step anyone could take. Blinded by the truth, the norm tend to accept these untrue stories and had become a puzzling dilemma. 

      Destructive explosives may burn and blast, the real egos of the minds of whom it were built; then it forcefully manipulated the mechanism to control the public opinion and the right to question. Thinking skills are honed through the intelligent analyzing of any misjudgment brought by the threatened rumor-builders. Do not believe at all on what you just heard because it might be unconfirmed and yet it was whispered at your ears.  

     If they were found of being very threatened by the potential exposure of their acts that they tried to conceal, they shall cover themselves [and their shaky reputations] with armors of unconfirmed rumors.

<Written by: Keith M.>

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